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Essentials perfect size Head-Wrap, Hand-made, with real African Bogolan fabric from Mali, also made/colored by hand. Inspired by Spanish and African Culture.


Color: Mixt 
Outer: 100% African Bogolan Fabric from Mali
small gold tag with Embossed logo in the outside 
Made in Spain 

LONG 168 cm / 66 inch
MEDIUM 84 cm / 33 inch
SMALL  80 cm / 31 inch 
Mbasa is proud to introduce its latest line of designer handbags called Pinya. It is a collaboration with the non profit organization  Weli Weli. In the Kunanfai language of Senegal this means “beautiful”. There is beauty at work here on many levels.

Inside and out this bag exudes a special beauty not only because it is aesthetically pleasing design but also because it is made of vegan pineapple leather. The interior is lined with gorgeous Senegalese wax fabric.

There is another level of beauty at work in the concept of Pinya. 50% of the proceeds of this bag will be donated to an all female cooperative from Ziguinchor, Senegal. The cooperative makes their own clothes and then sold by Weli Weli among others. The money aims to improve their development as seamstresses/ designers to broaden educational horizons.
Yes it is, Mbasa use for the sides of our First Bag Scots pine wood, the only truly native pine in the UK.  It thrives in heathland and is widely planted for timber, but is also found in abundance in the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands.